Parrot Garden Cafe

Parrot Garden Cafe is serving meals for a cause – to help the animals in our care. We plan to open for the public within the next weeks.

Are you a cook, baker or have qualifications in food industry? You are welcome to join our team.

Looking for something different, something delicious that’s really good for you? Come to Parrot Cafe to meet some rescue parrots and enjoy our great atmosphere, healthy food … more

Parrot Cafe is a vegetarian cafe and offers delicious, healthy food options throughout the day in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. … more

Parrot Garden is a family friendly place with rescue parrots & other birds, reptiles … Australian wildlife and farm animals. … more

Surrounded by farm lands, Parrot Garden provides shelter to native wildlife, farm animals and exotic animals. You are welcome to meet our animals … more

Parrot Garden Cafe

We are opening our new petting zoo soon to support rescue animals.

All donations and entrance fees will be used for our many animal welfare projects. Many thanks for your support! … more

Visitors can book our zoo & farm tours and will help us funding our rescue projects. … more

We welcome local and international sponsors, businesses, helpers & volunteers to support us with our ongoing work at the animal sanctuary. … more