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Welcome to Parrot Garden Sanctuary!

Parrot Garden educates students of all ages about wildlife conservation, environmental sustainability & animal welfare. Volunteers are welcome to support local & international wildlife and animal rescue projects.

The Parrot Garden team is a group of volunteers, who are zookeepers & wildlife carers and students.

Our volunteers are passionate about conservation and working around-the-clock to care for native, exotic and farm animals.

Parrot Garden’s mission is to establish a sanctuary for birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

But we have a passion for rescue farm animals too.

Enjoy your day with us and you fall in love with our amazing animals!

Dear Volunteers!

Many thanks for your great support. We welcome you here at

Parrot Garden! If you like to work with the animals, help us creating habitats apply now to be part of our international team! Apply now and share our goals!

At Parrot Garden we are prepared to create a safe sanctuary for all types of creatures. With the help of volunteers we are contribution to protect the Australian fauna and flora.

Please stay in touch with us!

Want to Volunteer?

If you are energetic, passionately want to work with animals, you can take up volunteering work. Find out if you fit the posts. Check whether the tasks are interesting and enjoyable. Read our FAQ!

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Parrot Garden is a family friendly animal sanctuary with rescue parrots & other birds, reptiles and farm animals. Our mission is to create natural habitats and retreats for rescue animals with the help of our volunteers, supporters and the local community of the Tweed Shire.

We plan to open the Parrot Cafe to get the funding for our many animal welfare projects and welcome you to join us in our journey

Latest News

    Driver wanted

    We offer free horse agistment in exchange for some driving.


    Carpenter Job

    Picnic benches with umbrellas for the Parrot Garden Cafe needed. Who would be able to build them or suggest a shop where we can get discounted prices?


    Horse Property wanted

    Rural Horse Property wanted



Parrot Garden Wish List

  • Portable aviaries & fixed location aviaries
  • Terrariums, Flexariums
  • Hardwood for fencing
  • Fencing materials
  • Battery operated CD players
  • Top opening pet carriers
  • 100% cotton sheets and pillowcases
  • Food or credit with food suppliers

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