2nd Year Visa Jobs

Who can apply

Backpackers who love animals, care about a healthy lifestyle and have experience in fencing, construction, painting, building, land cultivation eg.

Which licenses do I need to have

Driving license and be confident to drive a trailer

Which type of Work

Plant and animal cultivation:

  • pruning and trimming vines and trees; associated with the cultivation and commercial and the sale of fruit and herbs,
  • maintaining animals for the purpose of selling their bodily produce (milk goats), including natural increase (breeding);
  • fencing goat and cow paddocks
  • building stables for our milk goats
  • building chicken coops

Construction and building work:

  • construction
  • renovations
  • painting
  • fencing

This are jobs which are suitable for the second visa application. Please let us know what kind of work you are able to do!

About our place

Parrot Garden is a refuge for animals, but as well as well a organic farm with produce which will be sold locally. There is rainforest around the corner and farm stalls in a short walk away. There are many shops, the bus station to the Gold Coast in Murwillumbah. We are 40 minutes to the Gold Coast.

Working hours

Work starts with the second day of your arrival or on the day of your arrival. You can stay at our accommodation or if you find something else that’s fine too.


$17.29 is the pay rate (please check below!) for helping and assisting us with our work, 35-40 hours per week. Usually 1 day per week is free, this could be on Thursday or Saturday or Sunday depending on our work load.

What you can’t do

Sorry no drugs, smoking, alcohol, meat or fish products – we are strict vegetarians! : ( And sorry we can’t take people with health problems, bad backs etc. There is at times heavy work and we don’t want you aggravating an existing injury.

If you need accommodation

Usually our accommodation is reserved for our volunteers. For our paid staff members we can offer accommodation against a fee of 70,-/night. You join our weekend excursions and drive the car for shopping if you have a driving license and driving experience in Australia. You will have your own room, bathroom with toilet and sink and can use our community kitchen. We have a solar outdoor shower, but build an indoor shower too.
Please note, building and improving our facilities is part of your jobs.

How long can I stay

As long we both agree to the work you can stay with us to do your days for the second visa. We like workers with commitment and interest in the project. If you are losing interest it is better to work somewhere else.

Immigration law

We did lots of research about the immigration law changes.
There are always updates on the Websites of the Department of Immigration and Border Security. Could you please check the following document: https://www.border.gov.au/Forms/Documents/1263.pdf and fairwork.gov.au website too so that we both make no mistakes when it comes to the documentation process for your second working holiday visa. Please confirm with us too that we have classified you in the right salary scheme.

We can sign off for your second working holiday visa. Please prepare the documents in time so that we can support you.

Who we are

We are vegetarians and run a farm with fruit orchards, herb and vegetable gardens. Our rescue animals such as milk goats and cows are part of our organic produce system. We are an educational place and promote a healthy lifestyle. We are building and constructing new facilities at the moment and welcome backpackers and international travelers to support our work.

How to apply

Could you please send me your CV, detailed cover letter (with at least 5 reasons why you would like to work at our farm and which 5 special skills you have to support our projects), driving license, other licenses, references from other work places where you helped with, passport and visa details (scanned in).

Please SMS us or Email. We do not answer the phone while we are working with the animals 🙂


We are able to give you good references for your enthusiasm & effort!

Apply here for jobs on our job list!

    I have experience in:
    I have my own car:
    I need accommodation:
    CV (include 3 references)
    Introduction letter:
    Driving licence:
    My visa:
    Other documents:
    I agree to the terms and conditions:

    Our terms and conditions!