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Parrot Garden

Parrot Garden is a family friendly animal sanctuary with rescue parrots & other birds, reptiles and farm animals.

Our mission is to create natural habitats and retreats for rescue animals with the help of our volunteers, supporters and the local community.

We plan to open the Parrot Cafe to get the funding for our many animal welfare projects and welcome you to join us in our journey.

We want to help animals

We want to help animals

Parrot Garden is owned by the Spoerl family, but they are not your average family.

Silvia Spoerl brings much expertise from overseas to create a unique place for animals.

Silvia dreamed as a child about living in Africa and Australia. Her dreams have been supported by her late grandfather Erich Zabel, a well-known environmentalist.

Outside of her schools hours she studied zoology and visited many zoos to prepare herself for her animal carer career. Not surprisingly, Silvia studies zoo keeping and paedagogy, worked in German Zoos and as zoo keeper and teacher in Africa.

With just 21 years old she created EDUPLAYLAND in Namibia, which was a unique child care centre with petting zoo & animal rescue facilities.

Silvia Spoerl has over 20 years experience in project management and in organising everything from admin work to coordinating large study group tours. Besides this, she is a great environmentalist.

Lia Spoerl, learned basically from early childhood onwards how to cater for different species, especially reptiles and birds. Lia loves caring for animals and is studying a Captive Animals course. Since early childhood she had the privilege to enhance her animal keeping skills and has proven many times her unique talent as animal whisperer.

Robin Spoerl, just 13, is fascinated by crocodiles and has a huge knowledge about different types of reptiles. He does all the research and hopes to be a zoologist and environmentalist one day.

Parrot Garden Sanctuary is supported by zoo keepers from overseas, local and international volunteers joining our team!

What we all have in common: Enthusiasm about Nature and Conversation!

Our Charity Work

We help kids with Aspergers Syndrome and Autism with animal assisted therapy.

Since we are hoping to achieve more public awareness, we invite the community to share our goals.

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