Birman Cat

This ‘poster-child’ for cute cuddliness would certainly make a fine addition to any household and without doubt an excellent pet for any within the autistic spectrum.

Birman cat

As distinct from the ‘Burmese’ cat, this beautiful feline is an entirely unrelated breed. No historical or present day confirmation can be traced to Burma Myanmar proper not withstanding certain writings of dedicated French commentators from early in the last century. It is true however that the Birman almost faced extinction in France in the second world war but since then has enjoyed a deservedly meteoric rise in popularity up to the present day. Yet no avid offerings from cat loving writers needed to be imposed upon this stellar show stealer, for whatever its origins the Birman has in its own right great charm, beguiling traits and stunning good looks that will melt all hearts.

They are a playful, gorgeous cat and no autistic child could resist engaging and being drawn into a full focus in a ‘Birman world’ and out of an autistic inner world. The startling beauty of its sapphire blue eyes, its roman dusky nose, almost Siamese-like coloring, the toy-like longish silky coat are enough to lure any individual into an immediate cuddling frenzy. And Birmans will not notice in the least that a special needs child has any lack in any way in communicating with it whatsoever as they will react playfully and appreciatively to all tactile contact with them. These are friends, companions that pass as pets which will fill the Aspergers or autistic with the reassurance that love and ever present commitment are here as long as they live. The autistic will inherently understand that something outside of themselves that can often be unpredictable will also be very pleasant indeed.

These are dedicated indoors cats whom relish and delight in any and all toys you wish to offer them and what autistic child would resist seeing the irresistible antics as they frolic and toss them about.
Provide sufficient scratching swaths in their accoutrements and your carpets will be safe as Birmans can be a bit scratchy- prone.

Brightly attired in their suit of predominantly white longish fur they are adorned with tinges and discrete selected sooty shades on ear tips and nose masks. The original type coloration was the ‘seal-point’ to which was added much later the ‘blue point’ bred in from Persians and now a number of other hues in this classy palette are accepted; cream, chocolate, red, lilac and blue. If one worries about its luxuriant coat being the bane of owners hours in tedious grooming to keep a Birman tangle free, it is the delightful reverse. Birmans with their angora coat have no undercoat to mat so merely a weekly brushing will normally suffice.

Birmans have no issues that would in any way prompt a careful or cautious consideration regarding their being an excellent selection for any special needs child—this clean page speaks for itself and beacons a simple turning of an easy leaf to welcome what would be one of the finest heart-warming additions into any family.