Caring for pets

Living and Caring for Pets

Caring for animals, not an everyday simple task. Too many restrictions and guidelines for how we should look after our little critters and their ability to fulfill your lives without even realizing. Pets such as dogs or cats are fun to have but they must be properly cared for if they are to remain social and amiable.

Throughout our lives we subconsciously seek the conditional love of others and acceptance in order to fulfill our lives; adapting to a life with an animal helps us to do this. Caring for them helps us to learn the common lessons of care and responsibility we can learn from a young age and carry with us for the rest of our lives. From a young age owning a pet is important for children’s development as children become more expressive and imaginative. Dogs and kids for instance, often bond well while some pets help a kid to be more responsible in life.

Pets stop children from becoming ‘teletubbies’ as they become more active instead of sitting and watching television, and nobody wants this for their children. According to APPA’s 2011-2012 National Pet owners survey, Over 60% of households own a pet which contributes around $50 billion to the economy alone for their care.

From childhood to old age, pets keep us going and reduce the effects of loneliness and mental illness’ in society, whether it be as common as a Jack Russell or as grotesque as a turtle, living with pets keep us happy and healthy, so why don’t the other 40% of people have pets? If you buy a dog for your kids, such as a Labrador and take care of it, it would be the best pet for kids. However, caring for pets can be expensive as well. A Newfoundland dog may not be the ideal pet for your family as grooming it would be quite expensive.