Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrots are affectionate and intelligent birds that certainly make wonderful pets for any of the autistic spectrum.

Unlike many of the parrot family, Eclectus are one of the more ‘sensitive’ and thoughtful members whom are not known for loud raucous screeching. These blessed avian delights will more gently invite the autistic child to engage in teaching it to talk and the child in doing so can fortify their own willingness, readiness and desire for speech with peers.

While many of the parrot family can be a demanding handful attendant with large sized egos and temperament, Eclectus tends to be on the measured, quiet observation end of things. They can be wary of new things and need time to ease in to changes in items and situations. But their high intellect and devotion to one owner and sheer affection make them worth their pensive sensitivity. The autistic child will willingly devote years of attention to these birds as Eclectus will become very attached to the child as though it were another sibling.

So different in various subtle ways from all other parrots, Eclectus has the most extreme sexual dimorphism – the evident difference between male and female being most startling.

The male is a lush emerald green with an orange-yellow beak, while the black beaked female is totally different with a fire-engine red; head, back and wings with breast and neck of blue/purple depending on the subspecies. Some owners say the males are more easily trained while others say the females more easily cope with changes. Their current popularity is due in part to the brilliantly strong coloration of the female.

A good sized sized parrot, they are around 35 cm long (14inches ) and it is estimated they may live as long as 30 years in captivity though there is scant solid evidence as to definitive longevity. In any event the addition of this clever, quiet parrot is going to be a long term commitment for the doting, willing family.

Again in contrast to most other parrots, Eclectus has an unusually long digestive tract rendering it a bit more sensitive diet-wise. They require a high fiber diet heavy in nuts, seeds,berries, fruit and also greens such as endive and dandelion. All chocolate, avocado and all fried fast food must be avoided as with milk products since they cannot digest lactose. Less reliance is suggested as to pellets, vitamins, feed that may have dyes and the like as these too have been suspected in various health issues that are never observed in the wild.

Eclectus Parrots have a well deserved position of popularity in modern times and their charming, warm affectionate nature and talkativeness make them a sure bet as engaging pets especially for all autistic children.