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As most of us will have experience with, having an animal in the house growing up is a fantastic way to have a companion that will love and obey you no matter what the situation. A young pup, kitten or a dog taken from a shelter can change the atmosphere in the house. It is also a great way for young people to learn responsibility and what it means to take care of things when at a young a developing age. In fact, it is a well known statistic that the majority of young Australian’s will at some point own some form of pet for kids just right at that age and take care of them during their youth. This high level of ownership is great for children getting a sense of adult responsibility for when they are older.

It is not uncommon for these animal/human relationships to be sometimes seen as more important than some human/human relationships, especially by younger children who may feel the get more love from their pet companion. It has been heavily researched the numerous benefits of such young ownership, some of which include:

Child Expansion

Owning a pet at a young age helps in maintaining the following abilities:

  • Development skills
  • Accountability for others
  • Feelings for others
  • Caring for others
  • Talking and learning how to communicate

Further studies show that young people who maintain a relationship with a pet have:

  • Higher confidence later in life
  • Better interaction with others
  • Healthier and more active

Family Togetherness

Besides the obvious benefits it has for young people, owning a pet is also beneficial for families, with studies showing:

  • Families will have more time for each other and interact with each other more
  • Enjoy fun activities in a group and have more fruitful conversations together


Owning a pet too can be a great relief on your own wellbeing, calming things such as stress and paranoia. Dogs and children get along very well as they are highly amiable. However, before you choose dogs as pet for your kids, make sure you choose the right breed. Other such benefits include:

  • As you are less stress, there isn’t as much stress and strain on your heart
  • There will be fewer visits to the doctor and less complaints

These are all important and beneficial reasons to look into owning a pet, not only for you but also for your kids and family as well! Our pet finder section provides a good opportunity to find a pet for kids of any age.

From reptiles to chirpy parrots, you can choose any animal of your choice that would suit the entire family and become a family pet.

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