Foster Carer for Pets

We need foster carers for pets in need!

The fostering of pets is an important and very rewarding part of the work of to give pets a wonderful start in life before moving on to suitable, lifelong homes.

FAQ for Foster Carers

What types of pets need foster care?

Pets with special requirements for training or care. Most pets just need a a place until they can be rehomed.

How long will you have a foster animal for?

All depends on the requirements of the pet.

What does Act & Care provide?

Advice, behavioural support.

What do the pets need from their foster carers?

A safe and secure environment, love, exercise.

What if you work fulltime?

Most foster pets are ok to be left alone in a secure place at your home for some hours.

Do you offer a full time carer program for experienced carers?

Applicants who stay at home or work part-time, can apply to qualify for our professional foster carer program.

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