Golden Retriever

Dog: Golden Retriever
Character: trusting and very friendly
Life Expectancy: 13+
Perfect for: Anyone, especially families

Similar to a Labrador, the Golden Retriever is a perfect pet for kids

Standing at a height of around 61cm tall, with the females standing at around 56cm, they are of medium build and you can expect a Golden Retriever to weigh approximately 37kg. They have a very long wavy coat that can change in colour from when it’s younger to older, and the colour that appears on the tips of their ears as a puppy is generally the colour they will turn out to be. With a name such as Golden Retriever you can obviously expect their coat to be fairly golden in colour, although they can also be quite a creamy colour also.

Breed History
It is not known officially how the breed came about but it is assumed to be a mixture of numerous different breeds and they are often described as a Labrador with long hair. They were first classed as a breed in 1913 in the UK and were used prominently as gun dogs. Today they are one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Golden Retrievers are a perfect family pet as the dog and kids mingle easily after a few days of training and would definitely suit any sized family from a newly married couple to a family of 10. They are very loyal and intelligent and should provide loads of memories for years to come.

Health & Wellbeing
Golden Retrievers are extremely similar to Labradors with the health problems they face. Elbow, hip and obesity issues are the biggest factors in the health of a Golden Retriever and with proper care shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

With longer hair, a weekly brush is probably a good idea. Added to this a weekly bath and you should have a well groomed pooch.

Inside Dog
Golden Retrievers love being inside with their families, however make sure to keep track of their fur as they shed a lot and it can soon become a big problem! Caring for pets such as Golden Retriever is quite a hobby for some pet lovers. As it is a dog for kids, many teen kids love to play with them, go for dog walks, or even train them.

Golden Retrievers are a great breed of dog to train and can be easily trained to do most things with a consistent training regime. A large backyard is also essential as they are an extremely energetic dog. As a breed, they are also trained to be guide and service dogs so this too is a positive when it comes to training. So, if you are looking for useful dog in the house you can choose Golden Retriever as one of the best pet for kids.