Having a Pet

The following are some of the amazing benefits in owning pets:

  • Stress Reliever: When a study was conducted to evaluate a group of women undergoing a stress test, the presence of a dog had a major positive affect on the participants stress levels. Another study found that subjects experienced less stress while undergoing stressful tasks when their pets were present than when they had a spouse or even supportive friend with them.  It is believed by researchers that it may be because as humans we feel totally at ease with animals and not judged by them.
  • Helps Prevent Heart Disease:  It has also been shown in other studies that the mere stroking of pets whether it be cats or dogs can literally lower blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. The load on ones heart from this lessened pressure reduces the chance of a heart attack. An interesting study conducted on a group of stockbrokers with high blood pressure showed that those of them whom had adopted a pet had lower blood pressure and heart rates than those whom had not. If that weren’t enough, it has also been shown that ‘after’ a heart attack, higher rates of survival and recuperation have been found in those whom owned pets.
  • Prevents Allergies: Latest findings from studies are showing a reverse of what has long been erroneously assumed regarding allergies as possibly acquired from proximity to pets in the formative years.  Swedish research has found that children exposed to pets at a young age for a longer time, had less frequency in onset of pet allergies later in life.  The prevailing thinking by researchers now is that the high level of exposure to pet allergens at an early age confers a positive change in the body’s immune system resulting in less likelihood of an allergic response.
  • Encourages Exercise: Dogs especially, strongly foster and invite interaction and physical activity. By simple virtue of tending and caring for pets, it has been found that such owners have better health and more activity because it is a necessary corollary to the walking and exercise  of their pets.
  • Fights Depression: Another recent study found that men afflicted with AIDS  had  far fewer incidences of depression when they owned pets.
  • Pets have a huge impact on how patients deal with what would otherwise be serious isolation, depression and maintaining an interest in life.  The simple love from pets- certainly to seniors – means so much to people in times of trial and stress. This bonding response is so healthful and life-affirming, it makes all the difference in recuperation and longevity and promotes a sense of security in especially in the elderly.
  • Social Asset: Pets are such a great disarmer and often avail a joyous prompting of conversation and social interaction with strangers. Simply walking your dog opens up whole new avenues in meeting new people whom are drawn to like minded approachable pet owners. This broadens ones social network of potential friends.  British researchers found in their study that this has been verified. 40% of dog owners in their study said that they make friends easier because of owning a dog.
  • Fewer Visits to the Doctor: Not surprisingly then, pets have a direct bearing on health care costs  – they are less!  It has now been proven statistically that people whom own pets have fewer visits to doctors especially as relates to non-serious health conditions.
  • Fosters Developmental Skills in Kids: Children naturally gravitate to pets and readily interact with them with no prodding from parents. Pets act as a natural springboard in learning to care, nurture and develop compassion and understanding and communications skills that are not reliant on verbal abilities. Social skills and attributes such as consideration, love and comfort for something other than themselves are priceless attributes  that will be a blessing throughout an individuals life.
  • It is worth more than a passing moment to consider that these aforementioned advantages and benefits are not a vague overblown collection of statistical data — they are solid research that affords the reader and potential pet owners a fair and valid picture of how they might arrive at a decision. In this often fractious, complex world of today, pets are a sure bet to counter all that is averse to a serene, life-affirming quality of existence.
  • If you anticipate becoming a pet owner, simply take prudent measures in your decision making and please make sure you choose a pet you are fully capable of caring for both financially and physically. They are reliant on you,  just as a child would be… but though an offspring matures and moves away,  a pet remains forever fixed in time as a faithful friend and companion throughout the life it has been blessed in your care.