International Volunteer Information

A day volunteering at Parrot Garden

We would like volunteers to stay with us a least 2 weeks. Longer stays (like over a month) are not garanteed. Work is not done in set times. On a farmstay there is always work, so we demand flexibility. We limit work to 6 hours/day. People who want to be signed off for their second working holiday visa need to work between 35 and 40 hs per week to meet the requirement of the work sheet.

Other time is devoted to preparing our own food, cleaning, shopping and excursions, discussions about our projects and meetings where we can know each other. Left over free time can be used to do whatever you like. You can watch our animals, learn about zoo keeping & animal husbandry, wander around our property, read a book under a tree or just explore the area. We have internet access but under restrictions only. You would need to book a time to use it. If you like to download or print something charges apply.


We live and work closely together and expect you to be part of our mission for animals. Open up and connect with us, the visitors and other volunteers. The positive connection is the key to an enjoyable stay for both volunteers and us. We have a no-alcohol, no drugs and no smoking policy.

We believe everybody is talented in some way. You are welcome to let us know what your skills are.

We would like you to understand our expectations for animal welfare, regulations, policies, house rules: by applying to work as volunteer at Parrot Garden you are confirming that you feel you will fit in with these expectations, take responsibility for your own medical insurance, welfare and actions.

Your stay is conditional to your ability to comply with this outline as well as behavior and skills.

Abusive and vilolent behaviour towards staff or guests, abuse of Parrot Garden property, abusive language, intoxication, drug use, littering, smoking and failure to comply with direction could result in dismissal.

International Volunteer Applications

If we have accepted your International Volunteer Application, the following details will help you to get prepared for your Parrot Garden Experience.

Looking forward to a great time together!
The Parrot Garden Team.

With your application, you declare to comply with the Parrot Garden policies!