International Volunteers

We welcome international volunteers at Parrot Garden. Volunteering at Parrot Garden is about working together!

We have set up our volunteering program as an experience for you. Volunteering is about sharing lives and gaining experience in animal husbandry, zoo keeping, farm work, organic gardening and landscaping. Volunteering is not just about working for your food and accommodation. We are like a big family and expect people to join in.

We are Vegetarians & Environmentalists and welcome like minded people to share our ideas with. We hope you will enjoy your stay at Parrot Garden with us, meet local people and enjoy the stunning Crystal Creek area!

We offer international volunteers the following free services:

  • Affordable volunteering programs for travelers, students, professionals and groups
  • Unique experiences with animals
  • Expert advice before, during and after your stay
  • Travel insurance and visa preparation assistance

Please read our information package for volunteers to get prepared for volunteering at Parrot Gardens. If we have accepted your application, the following details will help you to get ready for your Parrot Garden Experience.

International Volunteers Checklists