Dog: Labrador
Character: fun, loveable and extremely loyal
Life Expectancy: 12+
Perfect for: Anyone from singles, couples and large families
Toilet use frequency: limited
Level of looking after: limited


Labradors are one of the most popular choices for a dog breed in Australia and their appearance is one of the key factors as to why this is the case. They are medium in size and are a strong build of dogs that have a strong coat that is nearly completely water proof as well as a very thick underlay of fur below it. The two main colours are gold and brown and the male dogs come to about 57cm with the female dogs coming to a height of around 56cm. The weigh of the Labrador can vary between 25 and 34 kg.

Breed History

The Labrador shares a strong history with the Newfoundland, as both dogs come from the same Province in Canada and were bred for the same purpose of helping out the fisherman with nets and large catches. They were also bred to work in cold and wintery conditions and become a true working class dog.


As one of the most popular dog breeds around, the Labrador is a perfect choice for no matter what dog you are looking for, especially a dog for kids at home. They are the breed of choice when it comes to guide dogs and other service dog breeds, so it is a well known fact that they are easily trained as well as extremely loyal and friendly to their owners. They are just the right pets for kids as they are amiable and playful. Labradors also rate as one of the smartest dogs in the world, so it is safe to say you will have an extremely loving pooch for a long time with a Labrador!

Health & Wellbeing

As with any breed of dog, there can be several issues that may face your Labrador over its lifespan. The three main issues with a Labrador come from its elbows, hips and over eating. Both the elbows and hips are subject to degenerative conditions that can hamper the movement of your dog, and over eating is a common trait which obviously has the side effects of obesity and general health problems related to this. Constant visits to your local veterinarian and caring for pets of this type can help keep these in check.


As just mentioned with the over eating, a Labrador has the tendency to be eating a lot more than it should have. By keeping a strict control on what your dog consumes and monitoring its diet, you can maintain its weight at a healthy level.

Price Range

An average size for a Labrador litter is around 7-8 dogs, and they will set you back anywhere from $500 right through to $650+. It sometimes can be hard to find Labrador puppies available due to their popularity so you may have to wait!

Living Inside

As with any dog, with the correct training your Labrador will be perfect for living inside with you. Careful observations though when it comes to general clumsiness should be observed as they do have a tendency to be on the clumsy side!

Walking Frequency

A Labrador enjoys a large amount of exercise, and it is recommended that you should partake in around 20 minutes a day worth of excercise with your dog. They have the potential of becoming overly naughty and fat should you ignore this

Perfect For

Families. As they are a dog of great temperament and easily loveable, they are perfect for any sized family who wants a good loyal dog to love for a long time. So, if you have playful kids around, you can consider Labrador as the best pet for the kids.


With a short, smooth coat, Labradors do not require too much grooming unlike Newfoundland dogs. A small brush every now and then will suffice.


Labradors are the perfect breed for training due to their usage in service and guide dogs. Consistency in your training principles will definitely give you an extremely obedient dog.

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