Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Major Mitchell cockatoo’s are an outgoing, extroverted parrot which can certainly brighten and bless those of the autistic spectrum. These Australian birds are creations answer to quietude in search of answers and stimulation – to which the Major Mitchell has abundant antics with which to delight.

These birds are not shy, thus when mature they will ideally have been well trained with discipline to curb their strong-willed tendencies. This can be an advantageous vehicle for development in a willing and suitable autistic child whom may benefit from a regimen of dedicated training devoted to the Major Mitchell. The child will learn that ‘input’ in repeated speech followed with rewards is analogous with the child’s negotiating with communication to peers.

Pets such as the Major Mitchell cockatoo have great utility in inherently showing the Aspergers or autistic child that delight, fascination, warmth and affection can be returned from a little pet if one simply devotes attention and active measures. Issues of the heart should never be underestimated when it comes to pets as salutary staples in those with special needs.

Because the Major Mitchell’s are so intelligent and needy, they require a good deal of attention be paid to them and so this is a blessing in that the autistic will never be wanting for outreach. When those in a household – autistic included- may be somewhat serene or even ‘down’, these parrots can be totally ‘up’ and very vocally ask all to join them!

The Major Mitchell cockatoo is one of the larger cockatoo’s at around 35cm long (14”) and its natural habitat is the interior of Australia. They have been described as one of the most beautiful of all cockatoos with white plumage tinged with salmon shades. The distinctive crest feathers on their head can be splayed erect giving them the icon reminiscent of an ancient Greek helmet.
These parrots enjoy a diet of seeds, tubers, large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables. As an indication of its astonishing intellect, to access the roots of the doublegee plant the Major Mitchell’s grasp it and walk in circles around it thus twisting out and uprooting the underground tubers.
They live up to an impressive 75 years in captivity so these parrots can outlive some owners.

Insatiably social and vocal, they have a strong harsh voice and as they mature a firm regimen is required in training for rewards. It is highly advised that they are provided numerous ‘chewing’ toys for this is one species that has a penchant for gnawing on things.

Few Pets can match the bold, bright and vocal interaction that a Major Mitchell would bring to any household. There is no ignoring this species of parrot — they ‘will’ get your attention, and if it be so, it will have been a natural step in addressing interaction for those of the autistic spectrum.