Parrot Boarding

Parrot Boarding and Day Care:

We are a close to the Gold Coast (40 min from Surfers Paradise) based bird boarding facility.

Our requirements:

  • Your parrot must get a health examination with an avian vet and disease screening to minimise any risk of disease transmission before entering our parrot boarding centre.
  • and be screened for Psittacosis and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, if applicable for the species.

Please note, we can’t care for your parrot is he is not up to date with health checks by an avian vet.

If you can’t bring your own parrot enclosure, your bird will be not be able to stay with us.

Your pet parrots will get…

  • A cosy shelter at a secured place.
  • Please bring your own cage made parrot friendly with toys and comfy perches to help parrots enjoy their stay.
  • A disinfected area – the cage and its surroundings. Cages are cleaned every day twice, droppings removed, and fresh fruits and vegetables made available in clean bowls.
  • Toys and treats.

Allow us to pamper your parrots and carry on with your schedule in peace. Your parrot will be safe and happy with us at our parrot boarding centre.

Write to us for details or visit us if you are looking for a perfect shelter for your pet parrots.

Knowledgeable parrot carers provide the one on one care that your bird requires:

  • clean housing
  • a healthy diet
  • enrichment and interaction

Boarding Rates:

  • $10 for small parrots
  • $12 for medium parrots
  • $15 for large parrots
  • $20 for aggressive parrots


  • your parrots need to be health checked by a qualified Avian Veterinarian before entering our parrot care facility
  • you need to agree with our parrot care contract

Please read our Disclaimer and About Us before contacting us!

Want to apply for parrot boarding? Please send us all necessary infomation so that we can help you.

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