Parrot Cafe

Parrot Cafe

Please note: We plan to open for the public soon and welcome applicants to be part of the Parrot Garden Cafe team!

Are you a cook, baker or have qualifications in food industry? You are welcome to submit you application!

Come to Parrot Cafe to meet some rescue parrots and enjoy our great atmosphere, healthy food.

All the money you spend is to support the Parrot Garden Sanctuary project!

Looking for something different, something delicious that’s really good for you? Parrot Cafe is a unique place that locals and tourists love to visit for buying some of the healthiest and freshest food in the Tweed Valley NSW area. We are in close distance to Murwillumbah and on the most stunning and popular tourism and bike routes from the Gold Coast.

Parrot Cafe is a cafe with extensive tropical gardens where you can enjoy the scenery with tropical plants, colourful parrots, ponds and water features.

Our outdoor area is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and watch our cute and cuddly animals.

Our team can keep your kids in our kids petting zoo happy and entertained while you have your meal. Book now and help us funding our animal rescue projects!

We provide a variety of healthy options are made without unnecessary additives and sugars:

  • fresh using locally sourced food,
  • gluten-free,
  • vegan,
  • raw.
Parrot Cafe

We cater for:

  • kids and families,
  • local residents,
  • senior and special needs,
  • allergic people,
  • picky eaters :-),
  • bikers

Local residents visit us because:

  • We offer discounts for locals.
  • We are very family friendly and understand special needs.
  • We strive to provide options for different dietary requirements.
Parrot Cafe

Visitors are welcome to ask one of our friendly staff as to what food is suitable for your needs and desires.

If you have been looking for a vegetarian retaurant that serves both healthy and delicious food in the local Tweed valley NSW area, Parrot Cafe is the place to visit.

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