Parrot Rescue

Hi Everyone,

Sweet Needs Your Help! Sweet is a Female Yellow Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo. She was born on the 5th May 1964 which makes her nearly 50 years old. Her previous owner had her since she was eight weeks old, so she was with the same family her entire life. The previous owners called her Fred as they thought she was a male. She was surrendered to the PRC due to the owner moving into a small home where they were not allowed to keep a bird. Sweet arrived at the PRC on the 15th April 2008.

We recognised that Sweet was actually a girl, so have replaced the name Fred for Sweet. She calls “Hello Sweet” so we thought it was an appropriate change. Sweet is unable to fly due to a broken wing injury which occurred about 30 years ago. The previous owners husband took a disliking to the bird, and one evening Sweet bit him for being near her area and the husband then brutally attacked Sweet and this is how she ended up with a wing injury. She was taken to the vet and left there for several weeks to recover from her ordeal.

Good news Sweet is doing well after her operation. She did not need to wear a collar for the first 24 hours as she showed no sign of picking at her wound. Today one of the nurses sprung her picking at the wound so she had to have a collar put on. She does not like wearing a collar so is a little unhappy about it, but hopefully once her wound is healed she can have it removed. Previously when sweet would mutilate under her wing (pick into her skin and draw blood) she would make a noise that sounded like a baby cry. She has now stopped making this noise, which is a good sign.

The nurses have said that Sweet is overall a happier bird, chewing into her branches and perches, making her sweet little happy noises, eating well, saying “Hello Sweet” and interested in everything that is going on. We are very happy with her recovery so far and hoping that she continues to recover well. We have had that many donations that we were able to pay our total vet bill off which was over the thousand dollar mark before Sweets operation. We are thrilled! All continued donations for Sweet will be kept for the ongoing care of her and a few other birds that need ongoing medical treatment at the vets.

Thank you again for everyone’s support. It has been truly heartwarming to see everyone’s concern and generosity.