Fencer Job

Volunteers wanted for dog and snake proof fencing, bamboo fencing, gates

Fence Installer Job Description

  • Snake Proof Fence around the duck island
  • All gates need to shut into angle iron frames firmly that go around three sides.
  • Trim hedge
  • Fencing the zoo boundaries: on the hill, behind the community hall and the school side
  • Improvements of the paddocks
  • Bamboo fencing boundaries street to the school

1. Snake Proof Fence around the pond island

  • Install a snake-proof fence around the yard. Snake-resistant fences are constructed from mesh wire screening and buried at least 6 inches beneath the ground.
  • Black-green PVC coated welded wire mesh, 6.5 x 6.5 x 0.65 / 1.0mm, 1200mm wide x 30m roll, hot dip galvanised (finished diameter of wire + PVC coating = 1.0mm)
  • Treated hard-wood posts
  • Gate parallel to the house door
  • Make the main gate of the parking area dog proof

3. Remove or trim hedge

4. Fencing the santuary boundaries: on the hill, behind the community hall and the school side

  • Discuss with us different options
  • We prefer snake prove fencing: Welded wire mesh – 6.5 x 6.5 x 0.65mm, 1200mm wide x 30m roll, hot dip galvanised
  • Install gates

5. Improvement of the paddocks

  • Adjust gates and fences

6. Bamboo fencing

  • 1.80 high, 30 m long approx.
  • Fit the bamboo protector and superior steel bamboo panel capping
  • Make the fencing snake proof

About the bamboo:

  • Premium selected black brown, thick natural bamboo and hardwood timber rails
  • Bamboo poles which are screwed to solid timber rails (not bamboo slats) with hardened steel screws and not just tied on with the decorative rope and/or plugged with dowels or wired to the rails
  • All rails are flush rebated into the back of the panel so they mount flush onto your fence with no gaps in between
  • Double rope over the poles and also between the poles to cover the white rail in between.


Start: 5.5.2015
Finish: 5.6.2015

To apply please send us your references!