Fox Rescue

Foxes are permitted to be kept at homes as a pet only in NSW in Australia.

Although they are termed as a ‘pest’, they are often loved by people for their energetic zeal. Many own them as pets. There are fox-rescue organizations that rehome foxes so that they can be rehabilitated.

Enjoy a Rewarding Time by Keeping a Baby Fox Rescued by Certified Rescue Organization

Are you an animal lover and looking for a rewarding and engaging pastime? If so, here is one option: own a pet fox and help a rescued fox to get a loving home. However, you must reside in NSW as it is illegal to own foxes outside this state in Australia. You must also have a suitable enclosure.

Owning a Fox

No licence is required to keep a pet fox. However, many rescue organizations who provide foxes as pets, review pet enclosures and training sessions before handing over foxes to the owners.

You should own a fox as a pet if you are:

  • Ready to take up the hassle of owning a wild animal as a pet
  • Equipped with a suitable fenced area of 10m square area
  • Capable of maintaining the fox – such as food, vaccination, vet treatment, etc
  • Trained to look after a fox, considering all its characteristics. You should have at least 6 hours of on-the-job training


If you are not able to own a fox but looking forward to an animal care work experience, you can check into rescue fox organizations that offer volunteering work. For this task you must be able to:

  • Socialize the fox by playing with it and cuddling it
  • Help it to exercise regularly
  • Feed baby foxes who are just 2 months old or help an injured fox
  • Clean the enclosure

What Pet Fox Owners Should Look For in their Pet

A dedicated rescue fox organization will find orphaned, abandoned, or injured fox in NSW only. A pet fox will be:

  • Around 2 months old only. Old foxes which are more than 2.5 kg do not get tamed and can cause harm to humans.
  • Foxes are de-sexed, vaccinated with C3 vaccination, and clean
  • Transported properly along with the necessary accessories to your home
  • One which has successfully completed its behavioural test

According to the Livestock Health and Pest Authority, the Office of Environment and Heritage, Department Of Primary Industries, and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services, one can enjoy some quite moment with a fox in NSW. However, the fox must be leashed when in public.

Foxes are friendly, loving, and playful if they are reared well from childhood. However, if you are looking for domesticating it, you are not looking at the right pet. Foxes are still wild and take up ferocious tendencies if they get a chance. You should ensure that they get enough food and space to enjoy life to avoid such behaviours.

For more details about fox rescue and adoption guidelines, contact us.