Landscaping Job

Volunteers wanted to remove small trees, bushes, mow the lawn, build trails for donkeys and bush walkers

Landscaping Job Description

Remove the following trees/bushes

  • Remove all lantana
  • Bushes and trees (which are not native) on the hill 

Mow the lawn

  • Mow the lawn – all the parts of the property – take extra care of the hill sides

Bulldozed Pathways

  • Emergency drive (2.50m) all around the property boundaries
  • Walking paths as possible which should function as human/donkey trails along the hill and be useful for future animal presentation areas
  • If everything else is finished: Build a donkey proof trail up the hill behind the care taker house – ropes should be used as handrails for bush walkers. Next to it should be a long slide up the hill – with a sand pit


Start: 5.5.2015
Finish: 20.5.2015 for land clearing and some of the tracks

Please contact us to apply for the job!