Welcome to our parrot information center. We offer help with parrot care, details about parrot rescue and parrot boarding options.

We are happy to announce that we have found a lovely place in Crystal Creek, Northern NSW, 40 min from the Gold Coast where we have lots of space for rescue parrots and other birds. We care for all types of parrots.

Parrot owners can contact us any time about our procedures to take in any unwanted parrot or other bird. We will help you to get in contact with the right services.

Besides this we can provide temporary care for your pet parrots and other birds while you are away or have no time.

Please send us a message if you:

  • need to re-home your parrot
  • like to book parrot boarding.
  • want to volunteer for us.

Contact us now!

Volunteers and Helpers

Volunteers are welcome to help us to build more parrot aviaries and a big free flight area. Parrot owners and experts are welcome to support us.

Parrot Boarding and Day Care: Someone to Care for your Pet Birds when You are Not Around

Going on an office tour for a week or planning to take a break and enjoy some quiet moments to the hills? If you have avian friends with you, such trips can be devastating not only for you but also for your bird. Parrots especially, require care, nourishment, and entertainment. They are very social and will at once get bored or depressed if left alone. It is just not possible to carry your pet to work! So, what will you do?

But, you are not alone… We have a solution to help you and board all types of parrots!


Parrot Care

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Parrot Health

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Parrot Aviaries and Properties for Sale

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Parrots – a website about parrot care

Parrots is an online guide for parrots. We offer free detailed information about parrots – such as types of parrots, their physical contour and nature, their diseases and medication, etc. Parrot owners can also get suggestions and tips from our parrot counsellor without any cost. However, we charge a fee as per industry standards for parrot sitting and parrot tours. We provide parrot sitting for our clients and have individual contracts with parrot owners which cover parrot care, insurance and the duration of the care.

Business Model

Our online guide is a comprehensive knowledge base for parrots. We provide information, advice, suggestions on parrot care and diseases for free. However, we are not entirely a non-commercial organization. We charge a fee for parrot care in case our clients wish to keep their parrots with us on a temporary basis. Our parrot care business is accomplished only after our clients formalize an agreement with us. We offer individual parrot tours and charge 5,-/person if you like to meet our parrots.