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Do you have a pet, therapy-pet or pet-products? Why not place your ads at our site to…

  • Re-home your pet
  • Sell pet stuff which you don’t need
  • Earn money for selling a trained pet

Our site is a popular pet site that attracts thousands of readers each day. It is also synched with the social media sites – so, your ad must just go viral!

You can place you ads under any of our two schemes:

  • Free ads – promotional content can be uploaded for free if you plan to re-home your pet a small rescue fee. NEVER advertise your pet as free to a good home! Ask for an adoption fee or you take the risk that the wrong people get your pet.
    If you are in some kind of emergency and if we have space, we can care for your pet. Please check our pet adoption form!
  • Paid ads – upload your pet ad for sale for a monthly fee of $22.00

Need to place an ad? – Write to us.

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