Pet Rescue Groups

Pet Rescue Groups are Welcomed for Re-Homing Pets

Our pet counselling desk can assess the pet for you.

In fact, we can also…

  • Train pets to be useful for pet therapy chores
  • Find foster care homes 
  • Arrange suitable homes where the pet can serve for pet therapy

….And, if you are looking for a pet to be a suitable companion for the aged and physically or mentally challenged patients, we have a solution for it as well.

We can help you to get in touch with groups who keep pets for therapy functions.

Pet Therapy Consultations

Check details about residential pet programs if you want to groom a domestic animal to be a therapy pet.

We offer…

  • Consultations on pet therapy – benefits
  • Step-by-step program to groom a therapy pet into your setup

…So, if you looking for advice or pet at aged-home care, nursing homes, rehabilitation centre, or villages, just write to our pet counsellor.