Pet Therapy for Autism

Pet therapy works best when introduced to Aspie kids below 5 years.

A Pet at Home Help an ASD Kid Imbibe Social Skills and Reduce Stress

Parents and experts have wondered how to make a kid with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) happy, stress-free, and confident. In fact, Aspie kids have low meltdowns and are able to get motivated in life if they have ways to vent out their inner feelings – feelings of love, affection, intense emotional upheavals, and insecurity.

After years of research, experts have found out that social pets, such as dogs, cats, dolphins, or horses have a remarkable effect on the kids with ASD. Dogs specially have an endearing result for kids who are stressed, depressed or lonely. As the canine species are loyal and amiable, they remain a steady companion for the Aspie kids.

Stress Reliever

The result is quite incredible – kids with high levels of stress cortisol dramatically reduce the hormone level. The dogs act as a therapeutic element and assuage an Aspergers kid during a meltdown. In fact, Newfoundland or Golden Retriever is bought with a purpose of relieving the stress of kids. The Aspies need to hug the dog during a meltdown and that helps to calm them thoroughly.

It has been also found out that kids having pet dogs before they attain 5 years of age grow up to control their shortcomings and develop their confidence. As a companion, the dog follows the kid wherever he goes and helps him to overcome social inhibitions.

Proactive Social Behaviors

Often Aspie kids are not comfortable meeting people, talking to the friends, or actively participate in a social gathering. However, a lot can change if a pet is introduced in the life of the child. Dogs are known for being Man’s best friend. However, cats too can be a remarkable friend in need. Siberian cats allow kids to cuddle them, hold them when necessary, and groom them without being sneered at.

A dog would allow the kid to hold on to its fur or play with its ears without any hassle. After sometime, the child learns to interact and communicate with friends, neighbors or relatives. The children are keen to comfort others or share their belongings with others in the group. Such proactive social norms work wonders for the Aspie kid as he learns to socially mingle with the people.

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