Pet Water Dragon

Another fascinating reptile that has crawled right out of the primeval past, this beautiful Lizard makes a wonderful exotic pet to bless any special needs child.
Beautifully colored in beige, brown and grays, they are ruggedly festooned with knobs and outcroppings under its throat and with a frilled crest running back from its head and neck down to its tail. No child or adult could easily resist this most startling appearing of reptiles.

Like most lizards, these would have an immediate appeal and affect upon a child as it captivates his/her imagination. In drawing an autistic or Aspergers child into involvement with Water Dragons, this is half the battle – a mental opening-up and allowing an affection, a bond, to take root. All pets have this great salutary and life affirming affect on the autistic– to coax an outward focus on something rather than the locked internalization. With Water Dragons it is a gentle, quiet but intriguing way for a youth to realize that here is a creature that can benefit from a full devotion of attention. The unexpected, mere happenstance can show the child that it is quite normal and fun, free of anxiety.

What a delight to behold the Dragons particularly when feeding on living insects, they can exhibit great spurts of speed especially when temperatures attain the correct range,- hovering around 32 degrees Celsius. However despite these dashes, be assured Water Dragons are basically timid and non aggressive.
Please note Water Dragons require sufficient Ultra violet B lighting and high heat from suggested heat lamps to create the humid, tropical environment they thrive in. This is all within a very considerable sized enclosure -30 cm square and almost as high. When you add in a generous pool of water and appropriate trees and landscaping, this approaches a serious undertaking.

Their natural mode of movements are enticing as Water Dragons move freely between water and also the surrounding shrubs and trees which they can climb to both absorb the suns rays and catch insects. Of moderate size, the adults can reach 50 cm in length with their longevity can attain 11 years.

Mainly carnivorous, in captivity they may be fed a remarkable range of cuisine as well as some greens. Insects, locusts, crickets, waxworms and small vegetable pieces are a good beginning mainstay.

They are best kept as pairs- male and female- or an additional female if they can tolerate each other as Water Dragons have been known to be intolerant with certain of its own kind. But uniformly they take to humans and any autistic child would truly love this friendly lizard.

Water Dragons make great pets and are the arch-typical exotic lizard that will never fail to amaze its proud owners and guests alike.