Autism Assistance Dogs

Aspergers Syndrome is a common irregularity diagnosed for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Sometimes Aspies can survive near-death accidents, lead an independent life, or develop their abilities with the help of these special pets.

When Subtle Assistance is Required, Trust Trained Dogs to Be Right Help at Hand

An Autism assistant dog is a valuable pet which can provide value-added services to the ASD individual and notify the caregiver in case there is an alarming situation. However, dogs must be trained to become Autism assistant canine friend apart from being weaned away from bad habits that are usually common among dogs.

The dogs are trained by experts for sometime before being handed over to the family which needs to the dog. Naturally, such trained assistant dogs are expensive. However, the corresponding tasks they function are invaluable.

Basic Responsibilities of Autism Assistant Dogs

Assistant dogs take care of an Aspergers adult or child in the following ways:

  • Protect children from risky situations or sudden calamities.
  • Notify parents if the child is suffering from any problem.
  • Support the family through entertainment, small chores, and as a playful mate.
  • Inculcate social behaviors, reduce stress, and promote well being of the Aspie child.
  • Help Aspie to connect with friends and acquaintances.
  • Check repetitive behaviors of Aspie which can occur due anxiety or excess of sensory stimuli.
  • Track a child through scenting

The child is able to cope with social inhibitions and depression. The Aspergers also develop empathy and stable emotions when they interact with pets, such as dogs. A huge dog, Newfoundland would also pull an Aspie from dangers as well.

How to Get Assistant Dogs

There are many dog training centers which rear up and train dogs to be Autism assistant pets. The dogs learn not to bark, jump at strangers, or get jittery in case of touch. They are house-trained and potty-trained too. After the dog is chosen, it is further trained to suit the requirements of the family.

How Assistant Dog Acts

It is also possible for dog lovers or those who require assistant dogs to train the dog themselves. However, one must know the right technique so that the dog does not follow you but checks out the whereabouts of the Aspie child or adult. If you find that your dog is not following the Aspergers kid, why not hand over treats to the kid? The dog would soon do what it is told.

Assistant dogs for Autistic kids are trained to be a constant companion to the child. In fact, the dogs are often allowed to visit schools, therapy centers, playgrounds, and so on. When the dog finds out:

  • The child is running in an impulsive manner, it would hold the child and bring it to the parent. Newfoundland is a strong dog to do this task.
  • The kids is performing some self harming action, it would disrupt the action.
  • Mood swings are affecting the child; it would sit on the child’s lap. The kid is asked to clasp the dog.

The dog alerts the parents in case the child is behaves erratically. And, as a gracious pet it soon wins the heart of all in the family.