Pets in Shelters

We need your help! We want to rescue pets form shelters!

We can sometimes rescue pets from shelters. If you are aware of any suitable pet for our program, you are welcome to contact our team!

Unfortunately surrendered pets have no legal time protection at pounds and shelters and can be killed immediately to save space. Councils are usually in a hurry to find a solution for them. You need to be quick if you want to adopt or if you want to suggest an animal to us.

Pets in Shelters

Rescue Pets from your local shelter

Pets in Shelters

One of the most rewarding things to do when it comes to go for a pet adoption animal shelter and pick an animal that has been rescued from a nasty situation and caring for the pet for the rest of their lives. Not only does it provide you with a sense of self-worth, it also provides the animal in question a safe home after suffering a sad and sometimes tragic life.

One question though that can often be asked in these situations is why is there a cost involved when it comes to getting one of these animals as a viable pet for kids at home and under your care? It would be nice if these pets could be free as you can almost say you are providing a service to the place you get the pet from by taking them off their hands.

But the fact that is sometimes not known is the cost involved in looking after these rescued pets. The animals must be cared for in just the same way as you would care for them once they are in your home, so such costs as food, grooming and housing must be taken into consideration.

Also added to these costs is vet care, as the animals sometimes have gone a long time without adequate veterinarian care and must be treated specially to bring them up to a healthy standard to go home to a caring family. Usually all these costs come out of the people and organisations pocket who go out of their way to rescue and save the animals.

So in taking these situations into consideration, it’s important to understand that while it would be nice if there was no cost involved in adopting a rescued pet, the money that is turned over is essential in maintain the animal you have purchased health, safety and wellbeing so that you get a healthy and well looked after animal for you to care for.

And when push comes to shove, you’ll no doubt save a lot of money when it comes to adopting a rescued pet and make them the best pet for kids, compared to the prices you would pay for a brand new one in a pet store as well as doing your community a service by rescuing such an animal!

So, if you find a trained Labrador lost and found at a rescue shelter, you would love to have it as the dog for your kids. We offer a platform to help you find such rescue dogs or other pets who are looking for a home to spend the rest of their life.