Petting Zoo

We are opening our new petting zoo soon to support rescue animals

All donations and entrance fees will be used for our many animal welfare projects. Many thanks for your support!

Much to the delight of visitors both young and old our new petting zoo experience allows you to get up close and personal to pets, farm animals and some exotic animals. We will include an interactive educational area where kids can sit and draw pictures of some of the animals that they have encountered and they can add their drawing to the others on the wall for all to see, or take it home with them as a token of their special day.

Please note that our petting zoo will be different to other zoos!

  • We will keep our animals and will not sell them when they are adults.
  • If possible we like to provide forever homes to rescue animals. If you want to re-home your pet or if you want to suggest to us any animal in need, please contact our team!
  • We will not take any animal away from its mother at that age can suffer greatly.
  • Any animal used for show purposes is our pet and will be treated as such forever.
  • We just have animals which stay small and don’t cause any dangers to kids.
  • We will not sell or re-home our animals when they are old.
  • We will make sure that all animals are treated respectfully.
  • We teach kids and parents how to interact with animals.
  • Visitors can just enter the animals area when we can supervise them.
  • Our petting zoo will never be overcrowded with many animals in small enclosures. Animals will have space away from visitors.

To keep visitors and animals healthy:

  • Hands and shoes will be desinfected before and after entering the petting zoo

Visitor Information