Dog: Poodle
Character: extremely smart but anxious
Life Expectancy: Around 15 years
Perfect for: Single people, the elderly and some families looking for pets for kids
Level of looking after: Consistent

Poodles are well known for their attractiveness and high class stature, but they are also a great dog and kids love to play with them. If you can put in the correct amount of care and attention, they can be the best pet for kids.


The toy poodle and miniature poodle are among the most popular breeds around and have enjoyed a spike in popularity due to their status amongst celebrities and popular culture. Their size, as per their name is of course small, with the dogs ranging in size anywhere below 28cm to below 38cm. It is the coat of a poodle that also makes it so unique. The coat is generally thick and shaggy and with proper maintenance and caring for pets like this can provide an extremely majestic looking animal that will be the envy of other dog owners.

Breed History

The breed began in Germany where it was used as a hunting dog to fetch birds killed during hunts. Eventually the French took a liking to them and it is believed this is where their status amongst the wealthy first came about.


A lot of people assume Poodles are quite dumb due to their nature and pampered status. However, Poodles are actually among the smartest dog breeds around and have a tendency to form close bonds with one member of the family. They are basically dogs for kids who can play with them. This can become a problem however as they do not take kindly to strangers sometimes, hence giving them the appearance of being slightly dumb. It is always important not to over pamper your poodle to avoid any future mishaps or dangers amongst strangers.

Health & Wellbeing

Small dogs are often beset with numerous problems due to their size, and this is also the case with the poodle. Often it is found these problems can be teeth related, as well as internally in the chest and with it’s joints such as knees and hips. Constant vet care is vital in such a small breed and it is essential to maintain regular visits to maintain its health.

Price Range

A poodle definitely is not the cheapest dog to maintain. Far from it. It’s grooming needs alone will set you back quite a large amount of money as they are almost as important to maintain as a sheep is due to their similar coats and grooming can cost anywhere up to $100 which obviously adds up over time. Just like Newfoundland dog, this dog can be little expensive to maintain. Purchasing the dog alone will be expensive, with it being extremely rare to find a dog priced under $800. The top breeders can easily charge over $1000 for their dogs.

Perfect For

Singles and the elderly are probably best suited to a Poodle as they are a very good dog to be owned by just one person due to their tendency to become attached to one person. As a small dog they are also a perfect breed to remain inside so people living in small apartments would find a poodle as a perfect choice. De-sexed male Poodles are a good idea for families as they are not prone to becoming attached as much as the females are.

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