Rescue Parrots

Rescue Parrots

Our basic goal is to rescue parrots and other companion birds who have been surrendered to us because their owners can no longer care for them.

To accomplish this goal, we do the following:

  • Work in partnership with other Parrot Rescue organisations and avian vets.
  • Provide care for the rescued birds we take in.
  • Emergency care: Take in and rehabilitate parrots.
  • Educate the public and encourage them to adopt, not buy or breed birds.
  • Inform parrot owners on the most current standards of care.
  • Educate the public about conservation.
  • Help to locate lost and found birds.
  • Assist when parrot owners need to surrender a pet bird.

Volunteer with Rescue Parrots

Parrot Garden Sanctuary is always looking for energetic, responsible volunteers to become part of our team and to help us building aviaries and parrot habitats, including helping with administration, education, fostering, public relations, technical support, and even simple one-day tasks such as bird and cage transport.

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