Rescue Pet

Why choose a rescued pet?

So you’re looking for a family pet and don’t know where to get it from. You try all the usual channels , check pet finder sources, and are considering visiting your local pet store to make the purchase. Well why not consider getting your pet from your local animal rescue house or shelter? It might not be the most ideal thought to you but these animals are just a loveable and caring as your ones from the pet store. Here are some reasons to consider getting your pet from the shelter over the pet store, especially when you are looking for a pet for kids at home:

Rescued Pets are Older & More Experienced

It’s obviously a hassle having to train a young puppy or kitten and can take up a large amount of time in order to properly train it to your standards. A new dog can sometimes get irritated and your kid may suffer from a dog bite. By getting a rescued pet, you will more than likely find they are older and already trained which makes it a lot easier in general care. Dogs and children get along well when the dog trained.

If you are lucky, you won’t have to toilet train your dog anymore and usually after a few ground work rules are laid out, you will find that all the burden of making sure your pets are trained correctly will be out the window before you even consider giving your pet up again!

They are just as loyal and loveable, if not more

You might think that in getting an older dog or cat that your animal won’t bond with you as much as one that grows up with you. Will this isn’t the case, as it is more often than not common for the animal you adopt to form a closer bond with you as it has been through a long ordeal in ending up in the rescue shelter and often craves a large amount of attention that you can provide for it. Cats as pets from rescue shelters are often docile and trained. They are independent and can take care of themselves better. Choosing the right dog goes a long way for making it a successful pet at home.

Dogs for example are used to being in packs, so straight away they will feel the love you will bring to it as soon as it enters your home. Cats too can feel the same way, although they are more than likely to be a bit more independent which will suit somebody looking for an animal that is that way. As the animals are older too, they won’t be as energetic and playful as a puppy or kitten is, saving you the burden of having to run around and keeping up with them!

They are cheaper

As they are older and well looked after, generally they will have the majority of their vet bills regarding pet health already paid for and looked after. They are also cheaper to purchase and don’t require the same amount of food and equipment needed for younger animals.

You know what you are in for

As soon as you choose your older animal, you know exactly what type of personality they have and will bring into your home. This isn’t always the case with puppies and kittens as they are yet to fully develop into their older selves and can be a bit of a question mark as to what type of animal they will truly turn into. Remember, some animals cannot be the right pet for kids of a particular age. You need to be careful with a new dogs for instance, as they can give a nasty bites to your little kid at home.

They are safer for the family

As with any younger animal, biting and scratching can be common place as they grow up and find out what is right and wrong. An older animal having already gone through this stage will not be as likely to act in this way. However it is obviously always safe to be cautious, at least in the initial stages of caring for the new animal.

It will benefit your children long term

The notion of caring and looking after a loved one is something that your children will go a long way in knowing for the rest of their lives. It will teach them upstanding values that will be important for their learning and development. And it will also create a new family member for you all to love and care for over a very long time!