Rescue pets

We take rescue pets which are suitable for our petting zoo into our care. How we can help rescue pets to find a good home?

Re-home your pet

You need to re-home your pet? We have different solutions for you.

  • You can place an advertisement with us. We can promote you on our website and Facebook.
  • If you think your pet would be suitable for our “pets for therapy program” we may be able to keep your pet on our property. 
  • We can offer you foster care if the animal is friendly and if we have space.
  • We can assist you to find a rescue organisation.
  • If you have a small animal and have some kind of emergency so that you are unable to care for your pet anymore, we can try to take your animal in our care. Unfortunately we have no space for cats.

Please contact us and we’ll call you to discuss your pets needs.

Pets in Shelters, Pounds or other Pets in Need

You know about a pet in need at the pound?

Send us details about the location of the pet ASAP.

We need your help!

We receive no government funding, so animal adoptions through the Adopt a Pet program play a vital role in funding our pets in therapy program. If you like to virtually adopt on of our animals please click here!

Rescue pets