Standard Poodle

These ever bright and active pets make superb companions and playmates for all autistic and Aspergers individuals. Canines in general are uniformly intelligent, sociable creatures whom will literally pull most human beings into an active, loving engagement with them – and Standard Poodles vie for the top spot on that list. Very stable in temperament, friendly, obedient and easily house trained, these outstanding sporting dogs are an easy winner in being a full life enriching experience for the autistic.

The delight in teaching and playing with one of the worlds legendary ‘smart thinkers’ is going to be an insatiable treat for any special needs child.
These Poodles will draw out of the Aspergers or autistic every bit of willing interplay. No child can easily remain transfixed when the bubbly playful Poodle wants to be walked or just romp and play. This is key to an outward focus for all in the autistic spectrum – that irrespective of any social communicative ‘lack’ or sign there-of in the human, dogs will look to body movement and any response to invitation. They attach themselves wholeheartedly to us and even if the human is absolutely silent, ‘touch’ alone will do wonders to encourage the pet. If and when the individual can develop verbal and even facial responses as complimentary to the Poodles entreaties then already a two-way dynamic begins.

Highly intelligent, energetic and ever exploring, they exhibit all the wonderful traits of their preeminent aquatic hunting pedigree. They were and are extremely successful at this role and it has become an amazing point of history that these amazing giants-of-intellect have excelled at intelligence tests, circus performers, bird dogs, show winners, and herd dogs.

The Standard Poodle is the largest of the breed – the others being the Toy and Miniature – and stands over 28cm at the shoulders. They come in a surprisingly lovely range of colors; white, black, brown, gray, blue, silver, apricot, cream and even red! As most of us know, these are the iconic ‘show’ dogs and the darling of many a lady at pet shows and similar functions as they are often found trimmed with those adorable round bundles of their woolly hair on their heads, shoulders, haunches and tail-tips.

They are an all around excellent performer and remarkably are attendant without cautions or points that need to be looked at as a pet for the autistic over and above the normal prudent care of any dog – and that is simple diligence to water, feeding of a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise. This latter alone, is one of the ‘secret weapons’ against insularity and promotes a healthy entre for your special needs child into a healthy outward venture and focus.