The Truth about ‘Free-to-Good-Home’ Pets

Although ‘free-to-go-home’ (FTGH) pets signify that a pet gets a warm and friendly family to stay on for the rest of its life, it may not be the case in reality. A friendly family may just drop in to be a contender for your FTGH pet and pledge that the pet will get a secured home.

However, in reality your pet may be used for baits, snake food, testing purposes in labs, breeding stock for illegal breeders, etc…Or simply tortured and killed. Today more number of FTGH pets are being misused by the owners when they are given away without contract.

So, before you give away your pet as FTGH, make sure do the following:

  • Do not place an ad under ‘free to good home’ pet – it will surely attract unscrupulous contenders
  • Seek adoption fee, usually higher – it will keep impulsive buyers and frauds at bay
  • Seek permission to visit the home of the adopter and decide whether your pet will be comfortable in that ambience – a genuine adopter will not mind
  • Find out if the adopter knows about vet in their area – if they have had pets before, they must know about an experienced vet
  • Check the reasons why the adopter wants to own a pet – you may be able to find out if your pet will be happy or not.
  • Formulate an Adoption Agreement – usually it will not be a hassle for genuine adopters.

Before giving away FTGH pet, make sure you sign up a proper Adoption Agreement. Go online to get useful examples of the agreement. It is also advisable to de-sex your pet so that they may not be under an illegal breeder.

Remember, intuitions matter. If you are not satisfied about the adopter, don’t give away your pet to the them. Seek time from the buyer. You may suggest that there are many contenders for the pet. Make sure you are satisfied about the safety of your pet.

For more details to manage FTGH pets, write to our pet counsellor.