Vegetarian Cafe

Are you a cook or baker? Are you Vegetarian? Would you consider volunteering for a cause? Are you available in December 2015 for 3-6 months or more? That’s when we plan to open for the public. You are welcome to send us your application!

Parrot Cafe is a vegetarian cafe under German management and offers delicious, healthy food and traditional German specialities such as dark bred, prezels and delicious cakes throughout the day in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Our healthy restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy:

  • breakfast,
  • lunch,
  • dinner

While many restaurants offer vegetarian menu options, you may have trouble finding a certified vegetarian restaurants in the area.

Rest assure:

  • We are real Vegetarians, but you will not miss the authentic German taste!
  • Our menu will offer a variety of healthy vegetarian protein resources, but no meat or fish products. And you will not notice and miss it!

Advantages of our Vegetarian Cafe:

  • The vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is widely hailed as being one of the healthiest available.
  • Whether you are just starting to enjoy a healthy vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diet, you may understandably be struggling to find a healthy restaurant in the Tweed Valley.
  • We offer local products and prefer organic whenever it is possible.
  • Parrot Garden Cafe is the vegetarian café that you can visit to sample a variety of different vegetarian and vegan menu options.
  • The delicious menu options our healthy restaurant offers are hard to resist.

Vegetarian Cafe Menu

You will find everything from traditional German food, smoothies and salads made from locally sourced food to coffee, chai lattes and a host of sweet desserts.

For breakfast, menu options include toasted muesli with fresh seasonal fruit and yoghurt and fresh fruit salad.

Lunch and dinner options include pizza, crepes, soups and the munchy crunchy salads.

You can stop by in the morning for coffee or a chai latte, stop by in the afternoon with friends for healthy smoothies or enjoy a meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

Check our menu here!