Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer FAQ
Volunteer FAQ
Volunteer FAQ
Volunteer FAQ
Volunteer FAQ

Since we had so many positive feedback we decided to have a small team of volunteers guided by a volunteer supervisor & manager.

Volunteer FAQ

Why should I volunteer with you?

  • You will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery
  • We can sign you off for the Second Working Holiday Visa.
  • You will have a chance to learn about caring for different animals.
  • You are not to far away from services
  • Your effort will be acknowledged with good references.
  • We can help you with internship/work experience certificates.
  • We provide free accommodation on our farm.
  • We are offering free excursion and shopping trips (*conditions apply)
  • You will learn many new skills.
  • You can discuss with us your needs before you start volunteering with us.

Which volunteer positions are available?

  • Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer to work with animals
  • Volunteer for landscaping
  • Volunteer to help with our Animal Assisted Therapy Program

Read more about our volunteer positions!

How many volunteers are on the property?

We have between 1 and 4 Volunteers at our property.

What are the working hours?

  • Volunteers are expected to work 6 hours/day for each day of their stay with us.
  • There is always something to do. We usually start working with sunrise and stop with sunset. This means there is always someone who works between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm, Monday – Sunday.
  • Of course we have roosters for our helpers. Volunteers write their names in our book for the available shift.
  • We have flexible working hours: You are welcome to discuss your needs with us. As an example you could start very early n the morning on some days if you plan to enjoy some free time in the afternoon. Just make sure that another volunteers can care for the animals or able to finish your project. And don’t forget to inform the management and make a note in the book so that everybody knows about your plans.
  • Volunteer should have a break of 30 minutes in the morning and 1 hour at lunch. You need to make sure that another helper is looking after the animals or other responsibilities while you are on your break.

Do I have enough time for myself? What can I do in my free time?

We can find ways how you can have enough time to explore the beautiful area or just relax on the farm while cuddling with the donkeys, the dogs or other animals or just enjoying the scenery.

Our property is on many acres. Just to explore everything takes over 1 hour. We are planning to build some walking tracks at the moment and appreciate your suggestions and ideas.

Where can I store my food?

We can store the food for you in our kitchen. You are welcome to store food in your own van. Make sure to label your food so that other volunteers don’t take your things.

Do you provide any food?

Please select from the following 2 options:

We are vegetarians. If you like to buy some fast food or meat, you can find many options. Please keep in mind not to bring any meat or fish products for human consumption on our property.

Will I work with someone else?

Usually everybody has different duties such as one volunteer works with the animals, while another helper does landscaping. However we do have some projects where team work will be required.

Do you offer shared accommodation?

No, volunteers usually appreciate privacy. However we offer accommodation for couples or 2 friends.

Where are the bathrooms?

We have a shower in the caretakers house. Please let the care takers know when you like to use the shower. Toilets and water sinks are in the Cafe.

BE AWARE, that our toilets are septical and you should NEVER put any toilet paper or any other stuff in as we all will suffer from your actions with a blocked system, horrible smells and … !!! We’ll charge you for the fee!

Are there water restrictions?

YES, we use tank water. Please so not shower more than 3 minutes and never run the water without thinking such as while brushing teeths eg.

Where can I go swimming?

There are plenty of options. There are some lovely creeks and water holes in the area.

When should I work?

We have always something to do and expect you to work approximately 6 hours per day. The animals need every day our care and even if it is raining we have our duties.

Who will teach me?

Since we had so many positive feedback we decided to have a small team of volunteers guided by a volunteer supervisor & manager.

Which documents and things do I need to bring with me?

Please check here!

How do I get to Parrot Garden?

Contact us to find out.

More details for our international volunteers