Volunteer Regulations

All volunteers need to accept:

Volunteers need to sign in for all duties in our book, otherwise your effort will not be considered and cannot be claimed towards your second working holiday visa or work experience.

Please check the following documents:


It is the volunteers responsibility to make sure that all work is carried out safely and all regulations will be followed!

  • Are you aware of the information and instructions on how to do your job safely when volunteering? ​   
  • Do you always check that any machinery or equipment you use is suitable for the work and safe to use?​  
  • ​Make sure to wear personal protective equipment?​  
  • Do you understand all health and safety policies and procedures, for example what to do in emergencies, how to report hazards and incidents?​     ​   
  • Do you read information from our website to stay up to date with work health and safety matters that might affect you when volunteering?​  
  • Do you know whom to contact if something happens when you are volunteering? ​     ​     ​

Expectations outside of volunteering

Kitchen are must be completely clean (hospitality standard!) before work starts and does not count towards volunteering hours:

  • No dirty cups left in sink, all washing up done, dried and placed away.
  • All surfaces clean
  • Lounge must be representative and attractive for use at all times by guests

No dirt, clothes and other personal stuff to be left somewhere visible inside or outside. Same goes for sleeping area’s: must be clean (minimum sweep and mop once a week), doesn’t count towards volunteering hours.

Bottom line: We are a hospitality business and serve paying guests with a nice, representative and friendly venue.

Behaviour Rules

  • No Smoking
  • No invasive music played publically
  • no consumption of alcohol (if specific circumstances, let us know)
  • Never eat or drink in your room!
  • No other food preparation other than the food provided on schedule (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) or permitted by staff when asked
  • No music to be played while working with others/staff
  • No meat or fish for human consumption on our property
  • No abusive, offensive language
  • No uncultivated, primitive language such as f… words eg.
  • Respect for our values

Second Working Holiday Year Visa

If you wish to have your volunteering counted for a second year visa it is your responsibility to present us where we can sign you off. We are not providing forms or sending stuff afterwards; you have to present to us a piece of paper where you want us to put a signature!

If you wish to have your volunteering signed of later on, you would have to send a stamped envelope with your request.

  • Do you follow all safety instructions, policies and procedures given to you?​
  • Do you do things as safely as you can when you volunteer?​     ​     ​
  • Do you take reasonable care to not endanger other people’s health and safety?    ​     ​
  • Do you read the volunteer regulations, participate in work health and safety training and in discussions?​     ​     ​
  • Do you report any hazardous situations and incidents to your supervisor as soon as possible?​ 

Pleas check our frequently asked questions: