Help us with fencing and landscaping.


Every skilled hand is welcome.

What are the advantages?

  • Get references for your studies & future work.
  • Meet and greet many animals.
  • Get your name on the list of our supporters.
  • Do selfies while working hard 🙂

Who can volunteer?

If you are over 18 you might be able to join Parrot Garden Sanctuary as a volunteer.

We welcome volunteers from all over the world.

Who are the volunteers?

Parrot Garden Sanctuary has a growing number of dedicated international and Australian volunteers, to help with building fences, habitats, enclosures, aviaries and to care for animals.

All Parrot Garden carers are experienced volunteers who give their time and care free of charge.

1. What do volunteers need to bring?

  • Sturdy shoes
  • old clothes
  • hand gloves 
  • a hat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle and food for the day
  • sleeping bag, towel, tent and all what you need for the night (if you stay overnight)
  • … and ENTHUSIASM

2. Who is funding it?

Parrot Garden Sanctuary is part of “Act and Care” and a not for profit charity. We need volunteers for conducting regular local fundraising activities to raise funds to support the facilities for our animals. As an example we plan to build new habitats for some species and appreciate your support and ideas.

3. Do I get some tools and equipment?

We expect you to bring your own gear (Please check point1).

Local volunteers are welcome to bring own tools, however we can supply you with them too.

Equipment that is allocated out to volunteers to use is remaining Parrot Garden property and needs to be replaced if damaged by wrong usage.

Many volunteers also purchase their own equipment for their ongoing personal use.

4. Commitment

You decide on the level of activity and style of involvement you are comfortable with.

You can choose to help with fencing, building enclosures, rescue and care or you may want to provide administrative assistance to help with fundraising and management activities.

Time and equipment are major considerations. If you have a lot of time your commitment level may be quite high.

If you make the commitment to become a carer we will guide and support you. Helping at Parrot Garden Sanctuary does not necessarily mean you will cuddle many animals. It is more about cleaning, fencing, landscaping, maintaining the facilities.

5. Pets and children

Animals in care needs to be kept away from stress. Unfortunately we are not able to cater for volunteers with small kids or animals.

6. How you can participate?

Tell us what your skills are and we try our best to find the right project for you. As an example, if you can’t do physical work you are welcome to help us with admin tasks such as maintaining our website or facebook page. You can even participate while living overseas.

7. Accommodation

We offer free camping or a room in our basic Donga/workers shed in exchange for 6 hours work/day.

You can use our community kitchen, fridge to cock your own food. There is a community bathroom with a shower.

Please note, that we charge AUD 20,- if you just decide to stay here for the night without volunteering.

Make sure to arrive before 3.00 pm.

8. Get started

Volunteering can be a challenging, rewarding experience and a privilege. You must be registered with Parrot Garden Sanctuary to help with our projects or rescue and care for animals which come in our care.

You can choose how often you want to volunteer for us and which animals you look after, but to look after most of our animals you need to bring some experience.

To become a volunteer with Parrot Garden Sanctuary you need to complete our volunteer form.

    We work usually 6 hours/day. Are you physically fit to work every day even if it is hot or raining? -
    Passport / ID Card:
    CV (include 2 references)
    Driving License:
    I agree to the terms and conditions: