Yellow Crowned Amazon

This lively parrot is one of creations most talkative and entertaining birds ever to see domestication. Without a doubt this species would make excellent pets for all of the autistic spectrum whom are able to devote a prudent regimen of training for these parrots.

Ever alert and imbued with an abundance of energy, Yellow Crowned Amazon’s are fiercely loyal and so it is a humorous caution to note that when they attach themselves to one member of a family, they can become quite noisome and jealous when others seem to be paying too much attention to the parrots owner. This speaks for itself when consideration is given to the autistic or Aspergers individual for there is no doubt that here is a creature whom will fully ask a serious amount of focus from the child. The individual will know to her/his core that the animal loves its owner and that no lack in human communication whether it be facial expression or speech can ever alter this.

Yet here is the main single attribute where this particular choice of pet probably trumps all other animals for a person of the autistic spectrum if the immediate goal is ‘speech’ enhancement in the individual – one almost need do ‘nothing’, but the individual independently will quickly realize that this parrot will start ‘copying’ what it hears spoken! This cannot have a greater and dramatic affect on a child or adult than to know that they can then practice speaking and repeatedly training the ‘Amazon to speak the words the person wishes to teach it. What better salutary and naturally healthy vehicle can there possibly be in bridging improved speech patterns relating to inter- human modes.

Yellow Crowned Amazons are remarkably robust and are prey to few physical ailments as a species. However it is important to keep their cages clean to prevent infections and occasional visits to the veterinarians clinic for check-ups is recommended. They are mostly green with a crown-like splash of bright yellow on their heads – hence their name. They have a yellowish green underbelly and bright red under the inside edge of their wings– all in all a daring mix of dashing primary colors. Of modest size around 350 mm ( 14”) they can live up to a remarkable 50 years and so this parrot must be considered a long term, serious proposition.

Being highly intelligent and even sometimes having human-like ‘moods’ these talkative, interactive birds will not allow the owners to ignore them. It is like unto a serious tonic level for an autistic or Aspergers child or adult whom is ready for this level of interactive engagement. The Yellow Crowned Amazons are legendary for public performances and show-biz limelight which they will delight in. They are not shy and so perhaps these extroverts may be just the ticket for the blessed quiet humans whom will have their lives enriched by them.