Zoo Keeper Job

In Australia there are quite a few number of zoo keeping jobs. With a tough competition ahead, you may find it difficult to enter this career option all by yourself. Here is one opportunity however, to work as a zookeeper: Get listed in a preferred keeper list.

Entrance to Parrot Garden Preferred Keeper List

You need to apply for zoo keeping at our Parrot Garden Preferred Keeper List. If you are successful, you will get a call no sooner there is a vacancy. This list is currently closed for further applications right now. However, you can apply once it opens in July 2015.

Conditions for Applicants Applying to Preferred Keeper List

An interested zoo keeping applicant must:

  • Complete a Diploma or Degree in Zoology, Biology or Animal Husbandry
  • Complete at least a couple of years’ paid work experience at a zoo or wildlife sanctuary
  • Possess a working knowledge in customer relations
  • Own a vehicle
  • Be able to work in set shifts on both weekdays and weekends

….Note that getting listed in the preferred list does not ensure that you will get a paid zoo keeping job at Parrot Garden.

You can apply for jobs as a Zoo Volunteer, Trainee Zoo Keeper, Zoo Keeper, and Senior Zoo Keeper. If you are ready to step into the shoes of a zookeeper, Send in your applications to our job counsellor right away.