Zoo Keeper

We welcome zoo keepers as our volunteers.

Zoo Keepers must be able to carry out a large variation of tasks throughout the day.

Zoo Keeping volunteers are not only caring for the animals, but also help designing and maintaining the exhibits and enclosures, help with landscaping habitats, do the record keeping, educate the visitors and much more.

Zoo Keepers have the following responsibilities at Parrot Garden Sanctuary:


– Diets for every species need to be prepared, food and water bowls cleaned. A keeper must know how much each animal gets, what nutrients or vitamins they need and when to feed them.


– There is a lot of cleaning all day. It can be a messy and good hygiene is important for the health and well-being of the animals.

Basic health

– Zoo Keepers need to monitor the health of every animal and report unusual conditions to the veterinarian.

Enrichment and training

– Zoo Keepers provide enrichment activities that stimulate and challenge the animals. Most of these activities replicate natural animal behaviors. Zoo Keepers need to learn about behavioral training methods to assist with medical exams.

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