Zoo Volunteer

Volunteer at Parrot Garden:

Exclusive, Handy, and Satisfying Job for Animal Lovers

Yes, volunteering at Parrot Garden will not only be a rejuvenating experience but also allow animal care activists to get a professional experience. If you love to work with animals, get involved with the zoo activities, and enthusiastically learn tricks to work at a zoo, you are welcome to work as volunteers.

Why take up Volunteering Jobs at Parrot Garden

Not everyone can get a paid job at the beginning of their career. If you are trying to start a lucrative and job-satisfying career in animal care, here is an opportunity go forward with your dream venture.

At Parrot Garden, you will be able to:

  • Work with experienced animal carers
  • Learn ways to independently handle various types of animals
  • Develop ways to handle issues cropping up during work
  • Get work experience for admission to universities or courses
  • Get experience to know the job of a zoo keeper

… and, if you are hard working you get better jobs! Why not do a community service or work for ecology? You will surely enjoy the fun-filled and learning opportunities at a well-managed and clean zoo.

Is the Job Meant for You?

You can take up volunteering jobs at Parrot Garden if you are:

  • Looking forward to work for conservation
  • Responsible, friendly, energetic, and outgoing
  • Compassionate towards animals
  • Able to fix fences and build enclosures

Volunteering Job – Working with Animals

Volunteers can work in the following job profile:

  • Work in a Customer Relations division
  • Clean enclosures – raking, dusting, hosing, poop cleaning
  • Prepare meals for the animals
  • Improve or construct animal enclosures and habitats
  • Improve the fencing, construct new fences or safety barriers
  • Help animals with their day-to-day exercise
  • Prepare games and toys for animals as required; make zoo enclosures comfortable and attractive for the animals

There are many volunteering jobs at the reception. Some basic tasks will be to:

  • Welcome guests at the zoo and chalk out an attractive plan on how to go about in the zoo premises
  • Attend to guests – inform them or guide them to their destination
  • Inform guests about zoo etiquettes, other treats, etc
  • Guide zoo visitors on shows, entertainments, events, etc
  • Help physically challenged visitors to avail suitable wheel-chairs and guide them accordingly
  • Answers queries on animals or the zoo promptly, correctly, and happily
  • Assist promotional events, kid’s parties, etc. at Parrot Garden

If you are interested to join the group, inform our zoo representative quickly as we are hiring!

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