Zoo Volunteers FAQ

Zoo Volunteers FAQ

Want to Volunteer at Parrot Garden?

If you are energetic, passionately want to work with animals, you can take up volunteering work. Find out if you fit the posts. Check whether the tasks are interesting and enjoyable. Read few FAQs on volunteering jobs at Parrot Garden.

I want to apply. How do I start?

Write to our zoo representative mentioning your interest to join the volunteering service. You can also seek an information kit on this job; in return you will get an application form and brochure for the program. You must submit the complete application form along with your resume.

Can I work as long as I wish?

All volunteers must work at least for 5 successive days. For your initial commitment, you can work for a maximum of 4 weeks. However, we may extend your service. This depends on the job requirement, requirement of other volunteers, and some more factors.

Should I need to be an adult to apply?

No. However, you must be 15 years of age to take part in any of our volunteering jobs.

Should I take up volunteering jobs to get paid jobs in the zoo?

Not necessarily. However, volunteers get a chance to perform and hardworking volunteers are noticed. You may be considered for paid work, but there is no guarantee.

After I complete a considerable time as a volunteer, can I expect to get paid employment?

No, you may not. Volunteering does not guarantee a job at the zoo but you will get the exposure. It will definitely help you to get similar paid jobs elsewhere in future.

Do I need to pay a fee for joining this voluntary service?

No, there are no fees for joining this voluntary service at Parrot Garden. However, you need to pay 50 Dollars on the first day of your work to get a volunteer shirt. It is necessary to wear this shirt while working at the zoo premises. On the last day of your service, the money shall be refunded to you – provided you return the volunteer shirt in good condition.

Where can I stay during my volunteering tenure at Parrot Garden?

The volunteers must get their own return transport for the work. They must take care of their accommodation as well. However, we will provide information on how to get safe and affordable accommodation near the zoo.
Parrot Garden can also help overseas volunteers to get suitable accommodation. You need to contact us after you are selected as a volunteer.

Does Parrot Garden offer special volunteer jobs for high school students?

No, it does not provide a special job for high school leavers. However, if the students can provide the conditions for volunteering, they can apply and gain work experience if chosen.
Still having questions? Don’t worry! …write to our zoo representative right away about your query.